There are some meditations that cooperate, and some that just won’t. There are some days I set foot into the woods and my thoughts slough away effortlessly. And there are days when the thoughts wrap around me like a boa, constricting my breath and my pace as I walk along the path.

On days like that, when the thoughts insist on slithering about, I like to pick a topic. If they’re going to wind around like that, they might as well wind around something useful.

Yesterday was one of those days — perhaps the pinpoint focus of my workday had kept the thoughts too caged-up. So I gave them a theme: think about the memoir piece we’re working on. A mantra, if you will.

“Was that a woodpecker?” the thoughts wondered.




“Butterfly. Butterfly. Butterfly.”

Memoir. Memoir. Memoir.

“Is it warm enough for snakes yet?”




Eastern Rat Snake, crossing mind and path.

• • •

Image: “Nala Damajoute, Snake Charmer,” 1883, courtesy of the Shelburne Museum.

Photo ©2012, Jen Payne

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8 thoughts on “Thought-Charmer

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    1. It’s so funny. I got closer and closer and closer. Then woke, that night, with a start, wondering: what if it bit me? (They are not poisonous, it turns out, but it’s funny it didn’t occur to me to even think about it, it was just so beautiful.)

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