Boston: O Happy Town Beside the Sea

A Classic Day in Boston, MA

George Washington statue, Boston Public Gardens

Swan Boats at the Public Gardens

Feeding the Ducks at the Public Gardens

Beacon Street

EarthFest Concert at the Hatch Shell on Boston’s Esplanade

Sail boats on the Charles River

Meeting Red Sox player Jim Rice

Quincy Market at Sunset

• • •

Photos ©2012, Jen Payne

Blog title from the poem “Boston,” by: Ralph Waldo Emerson

12 thoughts on “Boston: O Happy Town Beside the Sea

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  1. “O happy town…” is right! Your photos capture it beautifully. And aren’t you glad you didn’t have today’s weather!

  2. Lovely. Thank you.

    I should be living there. However ever so slowly I am writing about why I’m not. Not easy, to write, because of a serious injury sustained at a hospital there, and the denial of Workman’s Compensation by a big American Insurance Company, the administration of the hospital said. And indeed much more, including absence from my loved ones for more than 15 years. Currently the future very questionable because of a foot injury here in Ireland that went untreated for 4 months.

    1. Thank you for that.

      I’m taking a writing workshop, once a week for the next few weeks.Our current assignment is to choose a cliche and play it out by writing a poem. I could choose to write on the beauty of Boston-the best things in life are free-while I plod on with my work on Boston’s shadow side.

      Thank you again-you have given me food for thought.

  3. What a wonderful weekend!
    Photos are wonderful, too, Jen. Much nostalgia! Those alliums in the Gardens are fantastic, the Swan boats are bigger and better than ever, I think; and get you, being welcomed to Hawaii (?) by Jim Rice.
    Photo angled up on Beacon Hill houses with the lamppost — really special, quintessential Boston.

    1. I hadn’t been to Boston in a while – I forget how much I enjoy that city! It’s so familiar and yet there seems to be something new to see every time I go! It was one of these “quintessential” Boston days for sure…including the illustrious Jim Rice, who I remember from when my Dad and I used to watch games together!

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