Reader Appreciation Award

Dear Readers,

Thank you all for coming along on the Great Cape Escape. It was fun to share the journey – and the photos with you!

In addition to an increased number of visits this past week, Random Act of Writing [+art] has been nominated for a Reader Appreciation Award by Vicky at The Northern Chicky. How fun is that? Thanks Vicky!


With the award, I’ve been asked to A) share with you something I’ve been up to lately and then B) nominate six other blogs for this award. So here we go.

A) What Have I Been Up to Lately?
One of my intentions for 2012 is to get published, so I’ve been working on that in a number of ways, including submitting a memoir piece to a journal of creative nonfiction, joining the National Story Circle Network for life writing/memoir writing, and investigating self-publishing. It’s all pretty exciting, and I hope to share more about this new journey here soon!


B) Six New Reader Appreciation Award Nominations

A View from the Woods
Judith posts regular Weekly Photo Challenge images, along with thought-provoking pieces of writing. Be sure to follow along with her readers’ comments, too, as they are always inspiring! (She also has a sister blog called Touch2Touch which interconnects photos and philosophy and poetry and spirituality with great finesse.)

C.B. Wentworth
One of my favorites since she came online just over a year ago, check out her creative and prolific world of words and travel and books and art projects and…and so much more! You will especially enjoy her posts about Wreck This Journal and her Project Art Journal. (I just love her!)

David Lebovitz
When I want to dream about Paris, all I need do is visit David’s blog. He’s an American now “living the sweet life in Paris” who posts great food essays, recipes, amazing photos and some fun videos. It’s also my go-to source for the best French Vinaigrette recipe I’ve ever found!

Some Little Crum Creek
I like to imagine that Scott and I are walking in the woods at the exact same time, and then comparing notes here on the blogosphere. The truth is, he’s wandering along Little Crum Creek in southeastern Pennsylvania and I’m in the woods of southern Connecticut. I still feel like we’re neighbors – but nature has a way of making connections like that! You have to see some of his amazing up-close-and-personal photos!

Seasons Flow
The seasons flow in Ohio a little earlier than they do here in Connecticut, so it’s always fun to see the coming attractions on Tracy’s blog. She calls herself an “amateur” photographer, but the life and spirit she captures with her lens are extraordinary!

Le Litter Box
This is one of my guilty pleasures. Le Litter Box is actually a “tumblelog,” sort of a stream-of-consciousness collage of photos and graphics—mostly about cats. But there are also some delicious photographs and funny videos…it’s my visual comfort food!


Readers, meet some of my favorite bloggers. Bloggers, meet some of my amazing readers!

Best wishes…Love, Jen

• • •

Images above are culled from each blog listed and copyrighted accordingly.

8 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation Award

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  1. Hi Jen — thanks for this flattering mention. It’s great to be read! I was recently thinking how cultivating relationship with natural things makes the world simultaneously smaller (because we share so much in places like CT & PA) and infinitely larger (because we become aware of so much more to discover). I’m delighted to compare notes with you along the way!

    1. It does, indeed make the world seem so much more connected and yet so much bigger with more to explore! It’s really great to read your explorations there and compare with mine here.

      (By the way, my parents are originally from Pennsylvania – a little north of you in Bethlehem. So your space is not completely unfamiliar to me.)

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