The Great Cape Escape: Souvenirs and Such

“Everyone collects souvenirs, whether they call them that or not. They’re evidence that we’ve taken part in the great dance of life – been places, seen things. They’re connections between us and something grander and more eternal than we are.”

― Michael Hughes

The End.

• • •

Photos ©2012, Jen Payne

14 thoughts on “The Great Cape Escape: Souvenirs and Such

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  1. How funny is that bench right on the beach. Some of your beach pictures remind me so much of mine. I’ll need to share them some day. Small world, after all. :-)

  2. that lovely shot with the bench looking out towards the horizon, waiting for someone to sit and appreciate the color of the water and the stark contrast where it meets the sky – nice!

  3. Some really interesting photos in this batch, somewhat different from your usual take on the beach and the seashore. Love that bike basket boldly staring us in the face —

    1. These were the “black sheep” of the 400 (gasp!) photos I took during the week. But somehow, they just sort of captured the essence of the week nicely in a group. My souvenirs. : )

    1. Yes, on the boston side. It’s a huge barrier beach, with a great salt marsh trail that goes on for miles. I’d definitely recommend checking it out!

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