The Great Cape Escape: A Message

And then there was a message. I suspected there would be one; there always is…by the water.

At the massage center on my first day, a small deck of angel cards beckoned visitors: Take One.

“Vision,” mine read.

“This can’t be for me,” I thought.

I always doubt my messages when they first arrive.

But as I laid back and let the massage therapist care for my aching spirit, an image came into my head of a giant V. Only it wasn’t a V, it was the shape the highway takes when lined by trees, with a horizon at the center.

“Ah ha,” I thought, “I cannot get where I think I am supposed to be going without a vision.”

But I’ve had my head down and focused on work for so long, it almost hurts to look up, let alone ahead — to the horizon, to the future.

I suppose it’s no surprise, then, that the message is Vision.

It’s time to see what that means.

• • •

Photos ©2012, Jen Payne

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