Finding Stones: A Parable

For the past couple of months it seems like every time I look down, I find a piece of rose quartz along the trail. They’re small stones hugging onto crystallized pink rock that have a certain sparkle to them.

I’m not looking for them. Usually I’m just pausing to catch my breath or take a picture or listen to the woodpecker who has recently returned to the woods. Usually, I am not paying attention or in focus. Usually, I’m just in joy. And there at my feet is a rock no more or less obvious than the others—except that I pick it up and it’s rose quartz.

Rose quartz is often called the stone of love. It “is an emotion stone and is particularly good for matters of the heart,” writes Brenda Knight in Gem Magic. It “engenders self-love, which we must have before we can really love anyone else. Self-forgiveness and self-acceptance are made possible with rose quartz….a crystal of tenderness, nurturing, compassion, sympathy, and faith.”

So there I am, walking along in the woods and I inadvertently find love.

Now it may or may not actually be rose quartz—I haven’t had it verified or quantified. But love is like that, too.

Sometimes it just shows up, without the need to question.

And sometimes it just shows up, without the need to search.

• • •

Impromptu stone collage by Jen Payne.

Rose quartz source: Gem Magic: Crystals and Gemstones for Love, Luck and Power, Brenda Knight

8 thoughts on “Finding Stones: A Parable

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  1. “One thing I like about stones in my path is when I cross them they become my milestones..”–Unknown…

  2. I’ve never been able to figure out why I’ve always been drawn to stones … the weight of them in my hand, or their smooth or craggly surface, and the way the light catches all their crevices, (or their smooth round sides). I have a weird affection for stones.

    I loved the way you just accept that they are finding you, and how it doesn’t have to be precise or proven or even quantified. They are there, at your feet, for you. Today.

    Also love the stone collage. Precious, and perfect, and beautiful.

    1. I like to think the rocks find us for a reason – a “touchstone” maybe? Of that moment, or that thought? Or that thing we’re supposed to be learning?

      My favorite grouping of rocks – I have bowls and piles of them here and there in my house – are the ones with yin yang symbols on them. Naturally occurring!

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