Time for a Walk

As soon as the khaki-colored humvee careened over the side of the cliff and exploded into flames, I knew I needed to get myself out for a walk. I knew it even before I woke up!

My brain, in its technicolor replay of movies I don’t ever let myself watch, was communicating loud and clear. Last night it was exploding humvees. The night before, Elton John delivered beef tongue from the butcher!

Work and life and houseguests and more work had kept me house-bound and away from the woods for too long. And nowhere in that time span had I found a way to let my thoughts rest.

In the woods, they fall from me like raindrops from branches — leaving a little trail behind me as I walk.

The work…

The conversations…

The worries…

“Where have you been?” I asked the woods quietly as I stepped from the trailhead onto the muddy path in front of me.

My hyperventilating breath at the top of the first hill was reminder it had been a while. So, too, was the deep ache of stretch in my hips as my legs moved back and forth, back and forth.

Slowly, though, it returned. The relax in my shoulders. The strong deep breaths of air. The buzz and hum of movement and thoughts escaping. The quiet.

As I crossed the footbridge and made my way through the tall pine forest where the woodpecker plays hide and seek, I swear I heard it…

“Where have youuuuuuu been?”

• • •

“Time for a Walk” and photo ©2012 by Jen Payne, Branford, CT

6 thoughts on “Time for a Walk

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  1. if i squint, i swear it looks like the tops of those trees in that photo are actually exploding fireworks up in the sky – as if the trees were saying, “it’s time to celebrate – jen’s back!”

  2. Love the accompanying photo … like a gentle reminder of how small we are in this Universe of ours, and yet it also feels like the trees are embracing the viewer … very nice!

    1. When I walk, it always surprises me when I look UP! For just that reason. Here I am, going along my path (my path?) – and then I look up and am always breathless at the sight of how much more there is!

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