So, here we are, troops. Nineteen days into the new year and it still feels like the old year. Somehow, in my resolve not to resolve, and despite my stealth pass at New Year’s intentions, I’ve been subverted.

My intent is AWOL.

Maybe that’s a good thing? Maybe it means I’m pacified. Not needing to make inroads. Happy with the status quo. At ease.

Negative. Status quo and I rarely close ranks. Not for very long, anyhow.

My intentions — to welcome change, to be authentic, to follow my purpose — are nice. They really are. But in that Switzerland-neutral territory, sort of way. It’s not a bad thing…but…

But there’s nothing for which I need shore up, no challenge to my defenses.

I need to get tough. I need a plan of attack.

I need to give 2011 its walking papers and set down some clear objectives for the new year. Some targets to zero in on. Call them my “12 for 2012.”

Forward, March!

• • •

12 for 2012

1. get something published

2. read more books (which is directly proportional to: “stop watching the $%^&*#@ T.V”)

3. connect with nature often and in new ways

4. go on a whale watch (birthday)

5. continue/expand yoga practice

6. re-bless the business in time for its 20th anniversary (2013!)

7. travel somewhere new

8. take a do-nothing vacation (really. nothing.)

9. have more dinner parties

10. practice the art of being “in the moment”

11. redo the kitchen floor (it’s the one thing I hate about my house)

12. work towards honoring the Sabbath (every week)

• • •

“Intent-shun!” ©2012, Jen Payne, Branford, CT

Photo: Female soldiers stand at attention with their backs to Mead Hall; Pratt Hall is in the background. Official U.S. Marine Corps Photo. Typewritten inscription on the back: “New Job for Marine Drill Instructor – – – After a few weeks training with a capable Drill Instructor the girls at the U. S. Marine Corps Women’s Reserve Officers’ Training School at Mount Holyoke College, look like this. Hdqtrs. No: 10,683 Dist. List NY-PRO (EPD);” courtesy of the Mount Holyoke College website.

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