And so it comes…

We were heading into the big one — you know, NEW YEAR’S EVE. As big and as full of anticipation as Valentine’s Day. For some.

For others, it’s a Holiday, filled with the expectation of traditions: great food, champagne, horns and hats, midnight, Dick Clark.

And for others, it’s a time to reflect quietly — hoping to honor the passing of time, to meditate on changes we might like to make, to celebrate with good friends and loved ones.

So there we were, the three of us — Anticipation, Expectation and Hope — planning to spend the eve before the new year, together. At my house.

Anticipation wanted to party like a rock star. As the illustrious Prince would say: “Dance, Music, Sex, Romance!”

Expectation had planned a full-course, sit-down dinner with champagne cocktails and a João Gilberto CD to set the mood.

Hope arrived with runes and tarot cards, sweet hand-made gifts, and sparklers to welcome in the new year while gazing at the midnight sky.

As you might imagine, there was a sprinkle of anxiety mixed in with all that eclectic fanfare. Would Anticipation get to dance? Would Expectation get the dinner party she imagined? Would Hope spend the night with dear friends or get caught up in cacophony?

And then, before you knew it, New Year’s Eve arrived.

Anticipation helped set the table for dinner while wearing a sparkly outfit and drinking champagne.

Expectation surprised her with a pile of dance CDs, then bounced herself silly until two in the morning.

Hope filled the room with her good nature, then gathered us outside under the stars to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

And so it comes…no matter Anticipation, Expectation, or Hope. It just comes.

• • •

“And so it comes…” ©2012, Jen Payne, Branford, CT

Image: Cronus, the ruling Titan, represents chronology, movement through linear time.

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