Strong Enough to Bend

When my yoga instructor bent herself in half and upside-down again the wall and said, “let’s do this,” you may have seen the fear of god in my eyes.

Really? Like that?

But I promised myself, from the very first class 11 weeks ago, that I would not inhibit myself. I would not do that evil self-talk I do when I am fearful of trying something new or facing change.

I reminded myself, before every class, that I could only do my best and at my own pace; that no purpose was served by competing with anyone in the room, including my origami-folded yoga instructor.

So, up against the wall I went. Slowly. Carefully. And there I was — bending.

“Now breathe,” she said.

(I did, but only because laughing may have hurt something.)

Stepping — or bending, as the case may be — into something new, is always challenging.

It seems, sometimes, that other people do it with such ease: gracefully repositioning, all the while breathing. I, on the other hand, tend to take the kick-and-scream approach. But that, like Competitive Yoga, serves no purpose.

Change comes — whether you enroll in it or not. It shows up at your doorstep, flips upside down and says “let’s do this now.”

And so you breathe…and bend.

“There’s a tree out in the back yard,
That never has been broken by the wind.
And the reason it’s still standin’
It was strong enough to bend.”

— Tanya Tucker

• • •

Original photo © Fitsugar

12 thoughts on “Strong Enough to Bend

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  1. Gives a new meaning to: Up against the wall!

    But seriously, your go-ahead attitude is very inspiring, all the more because it’s maybe not your natural bent (hmmmm, pun unintentional).

    Applause! You go, girl!

    1. Natural bent – ha! But very true. More than anything, this yoga experience has been about stepping out of a (number of) comfort zone(s) and being OK with it. Even it it means finding myself up against a wall sometimes!

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