Thanks Giving

For my friends and loved ones and the sweet connections they offer.

For inspiration and creativity and the muse who arrives so frequently.

For the blessing of good and constant work.

For my home and its nurturing spirit.

For the abundance of open space and natural beauty that surrounds me.

For the trust of my pets: the lovely Emily and fearless Little Black Kitty.

For the freedom to move about this life and this world with few tethers.

For the ability to dream and hope and laugh.

For the ever-present lessons of spirit, love, courage, compassion, and balance.

And for you and your ongoing support, encouragement and insight.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, with love,


• • •

Tulip poplar branches in ceramic vase by Guilford artist Alice Chittenden.

10 thoughts on “Thanks Giving

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  1. Thank you very much and Happy Thanksgiving.
    I wish I could be there with my family because it’s not celebrated in Ireland.
    The photograph is beatiful. So many of your posts are favorites.

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