*A Reflection on Change

“The world is changing all the time, at every moment. Someone is falling in love right now, and someone is being born. A dream is coming true in some city or small town, and right at the same moment, another dream is crashing and crumbling. A marriage is ending somewhere, and it’s somebody’s wedding day, maybe even right in the same town. It’s all happening.”

Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way, by Shauna Niequist

• • •

Photo ©2011 Jen Payne

8 Responses

  1. Beautiful thoughts and great photo! It reminds me to reflect on the image we are presenting to the world….sometimes a mirror reflection wakes you up to your true self…not always the self you think you are! Peace

  2. TJB Googins

    the entire world is in flux every single second and sometimes i feel like i am changing at the same pace right along with it, which is a good thing, i suppose – my reflection tells me i have changed in many ways, some i’m not so proud of or pleased about, but i can still, with a little gumption and a lot of effort, continue to make changes for the better, to perhaps make the changing world a little better place for a little while and prepare for the day my reflection finally smiles back – then i’ll know that change is good (time flies by too fast when you live a stagnant life)

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