What’s Your Halloween Alter Ego?

Cat on a hot tin roof?

A leopard with changing spots?

A little devilish?

Or prolific like a bunny!

Float like a butterfly?

Sting like a bee?

My friend MaryAnne and I were musing on the personas in my storage box: cat ears and whiskers, leopard ears and tail, devil horns and bunny ears, butterfly wings and a bee’s antenna.

There were also a couple of elaborate masks, a crown, some sparkly beads, ribbons, a magic wand, and a renaissance headpiece.

“I could be a princess!” MaryAnne exclaimed.

“Or a fairy?” I wondered.

In the end, she opted for a wicked black witch’s cap, and I donned a pair of green gossamer butterfly wings.

What would you choose?

• • •

“A man’s alter ego is nothing more than his favorite image of himself.”

— Stan Redding, Catch Me If You Can

• • •

Photo: Parisian artist Leonor Fini at an artist ball in Paris 1946.

8 thoughts on “What’s Your Halloween Alter Ego?

Add yours

  1. Today I’m wearing a t-shirt that says “Little Miss Spooky” (it’s actually Little Miss Chatterbox in disguise). That’s about as dressed up as I’ll get today. ;-) All I ever want to be is happy and that doesn’t seem to fit the haunting of Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Did you have Hallowe’en?
    Due to the devastating nor’easter, Hallowe’en has officially been postponed here in the Pioneer Valley until Saturday, when hopefully everyone will have power again.
    So, you’ve got another choice and another shot at it if you come north!

    1. We were thankfully spared much of the damage and aftermath here – but I am still amazed at how bad it is north of here! I do hope you are safe and warm, my friend.

      A second Halloween? What fun!

  3. very glad you two had such a lovely hallowe’en – i had planned to wear my “green lady of the wood” costume to work on monday, but it never came together (so my ren faire mask & headgear and leaf garland and green fingernail polish never saw the light of day) i am hoping to have a little fire ceremony this week to honor “all souls” and “all saints” and what-not and (also hoping) to blog about that – wishing you a non-spooky, all-hallowed week!

    1. That’s too bad about the costume – you were the one who inspired me to feel free (and fun) enough to dress up for the holiday! Some day that lovely faire mask will see the light of day! Huzzah!

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