Yoga Week Three: Applying Stillness

“Find the stillness,” my yoga instructor says at the end of class.

“Find the stillness,” she repeats quietly, as I lie down on my mat, stretch out my legs and toes, hands and fingers — palms up, eyes closed.


she whispers the Sanskrit name for this pose as I

breathe in

breathe out

“Find the stillness?” my thinking starts up 15 minutes early. “Stillness…quiet, no thinking, breathing….”

“Shhhh,” I tell it, me, myself. “We know stillness.”

breathe in

breathe out

“Stillness is that place at the end of our walks in the woods. When we’re done moving with purpose. Done thinking with purpose.”

breathe in

breathe out

“Stillness is that place where we’ve forgotten whatever thought was unraveling and know only what is right there at that moment.”

breathe in

breathe out

“Stillness is that place where the hawk sings to us from overhead, the leaves rustle as we walk by, and the breeze carries whispers from spirits.”

breathe in

breathe out

“We know stillness.”


• • •

Photo ©2011, Jen Payne

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