The Elephant on My Chest

I woke upon Monday morning with an elephant on my chest. Perhaps you’d recognize him? He’s big and nebulous and pesky. He pokes at your attention and sits right smack dab in the middle of your chest, enunciating each of your worries carefully. An elephant never forgets, you see, which is why he’s there to remind you!

Mine was busy enumerating my hypocrisies when I finally opened one eye.

“Really? Now? It’s still dark.”

“You were the one who brought up procrastination,” he said.
“And that was a week ago.”
“You said you were going to do those things.”
“You encouraged other people to do their things.”
“You called it a challenge, remember?”

“But…,” I tried to interrupt.

“But then you went and got sick. A cold was it?”
“You couldn’t do those four things with a cold?”
“And now it’s a week later and where are you?”

“Here,” I said, tossing him — and the blankets — off the bed.

He was mimicking “grab the bull by the horns” as I walked past him to turn on the light.

It was not intentional – my lapse in bull horn grabbing. I really was sick.






On Monday morning, a friend called and we were talking about her elephants. Her list of horns that needed grabbing. And I said—like a freakin’ Nike commercial—“Just do it.”

“Hypocrite,” the elephant in the other room called out immediately.

Just do it.

And so, on Monday afternoon, I sat down at my desk and…

1. Made a doctor’s appointment, scheduling my first GP physical in over 10 years.

2. Called an old friend with whom I’d lost touch a year ago. Had to leave a message, but I made the first move. And movement is what counts.

3. Signed up for a yoga class.
 No more indecisiveness on this one, I picked the first one that came to mind, and registered for a six-week class that starts next Friday.

4. Made a decision and made a phone call that, while requiring lots of discipline, will allow me to do some of the traveling I’ve been dying to do, sooner rather than later!

All of that said (and done), I hope my elephant will rest easier now — and maybe go find someone else to sit on for a while!

• • •

See Grab the Bull by the Horns: The Challenge post from September 20.

What do you want now? mixed-media collage ©2011, Jen Payne.

10 thoughts on “The Elephant on My Chest

Add yours

  1. Your elephant is certainly an attractive — and efficient— one.

    Sounds like you’re really up and doing, after your little break. (Cold, shmold, it’s a break.)
    There’s a French proverb you might or might not know. I think it applies here:

    Reculer pour mieux sauter.

    No, I won’t translate it (if you don’t have any French). Google it. Now.


    1. I think our bodies DO know more of what we need! So true!
      (I was so enthusiastic, I had the physical on Tuesday!)

      Glad you stopped by – been thinking about you and hoping everything with you is going OK. Are you well?

    1. It feels good, doesn’t it? Was wondering about your query letter – but from what I read, it got a little movement, right? Just keep it on the front burner so the elephant doesn’t get too loud! : )

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