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  1. TJB Googins

    neat stamp! is it real? something you received? a downloaded image?

    good quote, as usual

    i am surprised to see it is a US stamp, too

    it’s great to see lovely art on a stamp – photos are nice and all (like the cat & dog “pet adoption” series or the “60s TV” series) but it’s also interesting to see what other types of images can be used to promote and encourage us to use our communication skills, a nice way to suggest to us that we should send more letters and post cards


  2. That’s a cool stamp! :-)

    The quote reminds me of writing actual letters to my best friend after I moved away. It was before e-mail was all the rage . . . every day I would go to the mailbox hoping for a letter. I miss that.

  3. I really appreciate how Donne calls attention to the deep intimacy of communication in this line.

    Some have similarly proposed that words themselves are ordered to communion (communication … community … communion).

    It might be a valuable idea for us to mind as we navigate evolving mediums of communication.

    For all of technology’s wonderful benefits, does any electronic missive equal the pleasure, expectation, reach, attention, touch, and focus of writing, sealing, sending, receiving, reading & re-reading a dear friend’s letter held in one’s own hands?

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