Seven Link Challenge

Several weeks ago, fellow blogger and beautiful spirit Judith at Touch2Touch (and A View from the Woods) included me in her post “Seven Link Challenge.”

The challenge? A little introspection about this practice of blogging, and reflection on our accomplishments to date. What are our favorites? Our proudest moments?

While browsing back through Random Acts of Writing [+art], I was surprised to realize I’ve been at this for about a year and a half now, and have composed almost 250 posts!

My favorites, by far, are the ones that came divinely inspired — words whispered in air, ideas floated into consciousness. And then there are the photos, and the wonderful words from others, and the serendipitous artwork that finds its way into my sightline at just the right time.

But which ones of those stand apart?

1. Most Beautiful Post
If beauty is visual, the my most beautiful posts include photographs, like Farmers Market, With Eyes Cast Down, and Brought to You by the Letter F.

But, if we are talking about beauty in intent, then my favorites are Feeding Ladybugs and Other Love Stories, Spirit Woods, and Summer Top Ten.

2. Most Popular Post
By far, my most popular post was Something More Important Than Fear, which garnered more than 2,000 hits and a feature on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed home page in December 2010.

3. Most Controversial Post
I’m not exactly “controversial” in my writing, but it was interesting that what I considered “controversial” were the posts opining on mainstream culture and customs: chain restaurants, pretentious art, corporate culture, ignorant postures.

And that, sir, is no Chicken Milanese
Standing on Art (and Principle)
On an Artist Leveraging a Value Added Life for Maximum ROI
Nothing to Debate About

4. The Post That Didn’t Get the Attention (I think) it Deserved
Well, that would probably be Not Just a “Pretty” Role Model, another swat at mainstream culture – in this case, dieting – but it seemed like a timely editorial piece that I though folks would want to discuss.

5. Surprisingly Successful Post
I remember writing this one! It was a rainy day, and I stopped work early to join some visit friends at the local bed and breakfast they were staying at. I took some photos and wrote a short post at the end of the day called Backyard Respite. The next morning, I noticed there had been dozens of hits to the blog—overnight! Turns out, one of my subscribers is related to the owners of the B&B, and the blog was making the rounds to friends and family.

The post is still listed on the B&B’s website, and gets read at least once or twice a day!

6. Most Helpful Post
My friend Maddie keeps suggesting I write a book and use my blog posts—until I browsed back through them, I didn’t think there was any substance for a book. Turns out, there’s a wonderful tapestry of spirituality and nature, wellness and balance lessons sprinkled over the 250 posts. Some of the “most helpful”:

• A Mediation on Bugs
• Asking for Directions: Part 1
Asking for Directions: Part 2
• Sitting with Dragonflies

7. Most Proud-of Post:
I have three of which I am most proud:

• Finding Marvelous – because it came together like magic
The Story of a Cat Named Crystal – because when I read it, it’s like she’s still here
Losing my Religion – because it speaks from the depth of my heart

Yes, this practice of blogging is a magical, inspired thing — and I am happy to continue to share it with you!

I’m also happy to share these other bloggers and kindred spirits with you. Will they take up the Seven Link Challenge themselves?

• C.B. at C.B. Wentworth
• Elizabeth at Eyecandy for the Famished and Moon Rose Meanderings
• Eveline at Timeless
• Joss at Crowing Crone, who already participated in the Seven Link Challenge.
• Leslie at Comfortable Shoes Studio
• Ricë at Notes from the Voodoo Café
• Tara at Seven Sisters Arts

And a final note…to Judith. Thanks for considering me in your blog, for thinking of me when Irene blew in, and for being a fellow traveler here in the blogosphere!

8 thoughts on “Seven Link Challenge

Add yours

  1. Seems to me you enjoyed the process. Thoroughly.
    A panorama of your posting, of your thoughts, of your life —
    And on the whole, a radiant one.
    I am very happy that’s how it went down!
    Enjoyed reading new posts I’d never seen, and revisiting old ones.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Summer Top Ten —
    You really do have a body of work that is an achievement to be proud of. Great going, Jen.

    1. Well, thank you for inviting me to play along AND for taking the time to comment on so many of the seven links! We both seem to be moving through this blogosphere with great joy and connection. It’s the best “achievement” I think, don’t you?

  2. I’m so excited to be chosen for this challenge . . . thank you. :-) I’ll be working on it this weekend.

    I can’t wait to peruse the links you listed. Your posts are always so wonderful so I’m sure I’m in for a treat. :-)

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