Wake me up when September

On Friday, I took the opportunity of a beautiful, early September evening to enjoy a walk along the shore in my neighborhood. It’s a different time of day for me, as I am often awake before the sun and asleep before it fully leaves the sky.

I could feel the waning warmth of the day, and the humid purple shadow cast across sky and trees and lawn. The near-full moon was already up and sharing the sky with the setting sun, which poured golden light across the water and the rocks along the coast.

According to The Oracle Report, Friday’s moon was in a Gibbous Moon phase, a time of trust and analysis; on the Mayan Calendar Cycle it is a time of awakening and rebirth.

I mentioned these things because there was something in the air that night — a breath of fresh, perhaps? A sense of change, or alignment. I felt it in my solar plexus, the chakra of our innate power and will.

I was not surprised by this. I’ve said since early spring that I could not wait for September to arrive. A psychic I saw in July echoed the same thought — wait until September, she told me, it is the better time.

Friday, as I slowly found my way home, I saw – up in the darkening sky – the silhouette of a bat, swooping and dancing in the shadows. I stood and watched it for a long while, thinking how lucky I was to witness this evening performance.

The bat, according to Ted Andrews’ Animal-Speak, is a sign of transition and initiation.

“If a bat has flown into your life,” he writes, “then it is time to face your fears and prepare for change. You are being challenged to let go of the old and create the new.”

“Changes and transformations are blessings. They are not triggered from without but from within; and the world is our mirror….To understand and enjoy the blessing of change, begin by taking or renewing responsibility for your life. This means opening to the power within which will override all fears.”

“Look beyond the immediate and limited circumstances,” Andrews continues. “There can be no death without there also being rebirth. Everything reflects the divine…. Rebirth and life are found by choosing to follow the flow within. The choice is always ours. Remember that each time you trust your own inner promptings, you chase the fears within the dark corners of your mind away.”

The bat, he explains, is “a symbol of promise amidst the sometimes chaotic energies of change. It reflects the ability to move to new heights with the transitions.”

Andrews compares the message of the bat totem to that of the Hanged Man tarot card. “This card reflects the piercing of new barriers and the opening to higher wisdom. It symbolizes a new truth being awakened. It also implies great strength and stamina to handle the ordeals that may beset you as you open to new consciousness. Its message contains the promise of new horizons and unexpected views about to manifest.”

“The bat is powerful medicine,” Andrews concludes. “It can be trying, but it always indicates initiation — a new beginning that brings promise and power after the changes.”

This morning, as I mediated on the intentions of this blog post, I found the following quote in Permission to Dream, a collection of inspirational quotes.

“Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment, and making the best of it without knowing what’s going to happen next.”

— Gilda Radner

• • •

You just gotta love serendipity! The Hanged Man, by Roger Williamson, reproduced with his permission. Please visit his website to see more of his amazing creations: roger-williamson.artistwebsites.com.

• Click here for more about The Oracle Report

• Gilda Radner quote from Permission to Dream, a 48-card deck of inspirational quotes by Lisa Hammond.

Click here to purchase a copy of Ted Andrews’ Animal-Speak.

4 thoughts on “Wake me up when September

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  1. ch-ch-ch-changes? perfect timing, bat-girl – i, too, have witnessed the aerial antics of a bat at dusk – i love the little things even though they’re not all that pretty to gaze upon (i’m sure they feel the same way about us) and what a wonderful service they provide – thanks for the info (about bats, about the moon, about september)

  2. Just the other day, I was telling a friend how I feel something different in the air – like a big change or transition is on its way. I hope its for the best (but then change usually does take us to a new and bright place). :-)

    1. I have friends who say the world is in for big changes – shifts in our energy and understanding about things. I certainly feel it – in the immediate moment and on a larger scale. Something is pressing me to be…better. Brighter?

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