What a Wonderful Web We Weave

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”

— Chief Seattle

• • •

I remember, very clearly, the conversation that inspired me to (re)start this blog. I was sitting in a dimly-lit Asian restaurant with my friend and fellow writer Mary O’Connor sometime in the fall of 2009. I’d been off the grid — blog and website wise — for a while, but was starting to feel the call…again.

Mary talked enthusiastically about a number of blogs she was following at the time, and I eagerly jotted down names to investigate. Soon enough, I was following a handful of my own — artists mostly, and writers and photographers. And shortly thereafter, I’d started my own.

I think that is my favorite thing about this blogging, about its community — the web of connections and inspirations that happen rather spontaneously and rather often!

This week, for example, began with a lovely write-up about Random Acts of Writing over at C.B. Wentworth’s blog.

From her blog, I found my way to Joss Burnel’s blog The Crowing Crone, and the poem “The Stream,” which she allowed me to reprint here earlier in the week.

That poem inspired me to write Summer Top Ten — which has become the second most popular post I’ve ever done. Thanks, in part, to Joss mentioning it in her post Chain of Beauty, and to Rebekah at Colder Weather, who had kind things to say about Random Acts of Writing as well.

Like synapses firing, there is an explosion of activity — their followers come here, and my followers go there. Inspirations and new ideas and extrapolations are somersaulting about in the blogosphere, the hemisphere, the atmosphere!

And then, in fabulous karmic payback, C.B. is honored for all of her good words by being Freshly Pressed on WordPress for her post The Best Souvenirs are Free.

All of that in one week!

This is what a happens when all things connect…when WE connect.

• • •

Caught in the spider’s web by My name’s axel / © Some rights reserved.
 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license

18 thoughts on “What a Wonderful Web We Weave

Add yours

  1. I agree with you. Following other blogs has been a great source of inspiration and motivation. Its so cool that people are willing to share so much of their lives. Many days I’ve wanted to just veg out instead of writing or drawing. And surfing the wordpress world (as I’m doing right now) has lead to many days of action. Thanks for the sharing!

  2. Exhibit #1 this minute:
    Thanks for turning me on to C. B. Wentworth’s blog.
    Her souvenirs are amazing, and her post on paper dolls, like Proust’s madeleine, awakened a treasure trove of memories.

    I LOVE the web image.
    Another way I think of it is as the Jeweled Net of Indra —
    And, of course, Touch2Touch!

  3. I never expected, when I began to blog, that my life would be so enriched by such a wonderful mix of bloggers. I love it! the writing, the commenting, the reading,the comments left – all of it blesses and encourages me.
    walk in beauty.

  4. Hi,
    The blogosphere is a wonderful place, and you are so right it is a sense of a connection in a way. The people we get to know from all over the world, also most days I also learn something new, it might be about a book I haven’t heard of or a place, but I enjoy reading and following different blogs.

  5. Your blog was one of the first I happened upon when I started blogging. It continues to be a favorite, for you fill it with so much inspiration, beauty, and optimism. My day isn’t complete without it. :-)

    You’re so kind to mention my blog – thank you! I have yet to check out Cold Weather, but I’m on my way!

  6. You are right, we are all connected, it’s amazing! We share so much of ourselves here with our blogs, and learn so much from our blogging buddies. It’s a whole new education!

    1. There is that sense of familiarity – right? “Oh, I’ve been there, I know that feeling.” And then the ah-ha moment when you see a new way to approach something or think about something. There are so many great connections to make!

  7. Yes! Those were about the same feelings I tried to convey… Touch2Touch sent me here in the first place and then it kept on rolling. Love the Web!

  8. Have been away a couple of days and just now catching up on your Random Acts, so was surprised to see my name mentioned as impetus for your great blog. It’s one I turn to for my daily fix, so I’m happy to know the spark came! Connections and inspiration are what, I believe, keep us going and anxious to get up in the morning!

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