Summer Penance

OK, I admit it. By the end of the day Monday I was in a full-on tear about “summer”—god damn it—and there was nothing you could tell me otherwise that would convince me that I would find an ounce of enjoyment in any of the $#@*!* forty-six days remaining of this accursed season. It was just too damn hot…

And then fellow blogger (and faithful reader) C.B. Wentworth said some very kind things about Random Acts of Writing (here), which led me to a blog by Joss Burnel called The Crowing Crone, on which I read the following poem:

The Stream

Two souls drink
out of the same
One is refreshed
and strengthened
to continue
his journey,
the other curses the
that have led
him to drink
from a stream
rather than in the comfort
of a home.
One says a prayer
of thankfulness
and blesses the stream
for her gift.
One stands up and
curses the stream
for being there
as he urinates in it.
The one moon lights
both their paths.

– Joss Burnel

Well, that was me for sure on Monday – pissin’ in a stream and all! Until Joss’ poem.

Reading it, I realized: this ornery, moment-cursing person is not who I want to be. This is not who I want to be at all.

My penance, I have decided, is a new blog post entitled “My Top 10 Favorite Things About Summer”—an exercise in gratitude for this bountiful, blessed season. An offering of lemonade, if you will, from Monday’s big, fat, juicy lemons.

Stay tuned for tomorrow…

• • •

With heartfelt thank-yous to C.B. and Joss…Please visit C.B. Wentworth’s blog here, and The Crowing Crone here.

10 Responses

  1. Thank you for the mention . . . I am so touched by your kindness. I absolutely love that poem by Joss – its so beautiful! Both you and Joss inspire me with your amazing blogs.

    There’s a quote a I like that goes: “Winter never lasts forever and spring never skips its turn.” Perhaps we can replace winter with summer. ;-)

    I can’t wait to read your Top Ten list! :-)

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