Of Mice and (Wo)men: Derailed

The news report reports
the heat in Dallas is so ferocious
it is melting train tracks.
“This can cause trains to derail.”

Derailments are not uncommon.
Think how often you
fall off your own tracks.

It is too hot to go for a walk,
but not to go to the store and buy
a pint of ice cream to devour
in air conditioned confines.

Our best laid plans:
to exercise
to diet
to create
to be better
to live
so easily set off-course








The distraction of
whirring machines that
beep and vibrate
and ring and chatter
and make us think they
are most important.



• • •

©2011, Jen Payne

Photo of actress Jean Seberg found on All Things Amazing, an online journal where “all rare, interesting, wonderfully strange images are allowed – old and new – eclectic, funk, progressive and important.”

8 thoughts on “Of Mice and (Wo)men: Derailed

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  1. This fall when it’s cool again, come to Bread Euphoria. We’ll share one of their gorgeous little chocolate stout cakes dressed up in fancy frosting. A photo op!

  2. So true….why is it so easy to fall into life’s distractions? Probably because it’s work to settle down and listen to our heart and take those meaningful steps.

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