*A Classic Summer Road Trip

“It’s a classic summer day, isn’t it?” asked the gentleman who held the door open for my friend MaryAnne and me as we walked into the Williamsburg General Store. We were hob-nobbing it in Western, Massachusetts for the day, and could not agree more—a classic for sure!

“Where do you want to go?” we asked each other at the start of the day.

“How about that Snack Shack?” I suggested. We’d both been excited about a visit to the Snack Shack since my fellow blogger over at Touch 2 Touch mentioned it in June.

“Let’s do it!” MaryAnne agreed, and we were off!

Thanks for the inspiration, Judy!

Perfect summer day!

Perfect summer food!

It must be a sign: old, Northampton

It must be a sign: new, Northampton

“Art-o-mat” at Faces, Northampton. Five dollars buys you a piece of original art!

Classic Diner in Florence

Playin’ tunes on the jukebox.

B.L.T., hot dog with fries…how about some homemade pie for dessert?

You can’t get more classic than this!

• • •

Photos ©2011, Jen Payne

8 thoughts on “*A Classic Summer Road Trip

Add yours

  1. Wow, Jen!
    All our haunts and sights and local corners —
    You scored lobster rolls at the Snack Shack, and gave the Miss Florence Diner a facelift with your neat photos, and even got to the Williamsburg General Store (they have great breads, sort of like challah, but with herbs twisted in, or even yummier, cheese and onion).
    Next time — Bread Euphoria for you guys!

    Who knows, perhaps we passed like ships in the night on some corner in Northampton —

    1. Next time, the plan is to give you a heads-up beforehand so we might actually meet! Was “off the grid” when we decided to mosey up that way or else I would have checked in this trip!

      But what a treat to be away and enjoy such a lovely summer day!

  2. looks delicious (and i’m not even talking about the food) love the photos (old signs are one of my favorite things to look at) but what caught my attention was… the art-o-mat? five bucks gives you a piece of original art? why don’t we have those on every street corner? i’m enthralled with that idea… five bucks, you get some postcard-sized piece of art that someone spent time creating – how cool is that? thanks for sharing your trip!

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