*brought to you by the letter F

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If a frog comes into your life, it may mean you need to call forth new rains to cleanse old energy or old ways. The frog is a totem of metamorphosis, and always has connection to the creative force from which it came. — Ted Andrews, Animal-Speak

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Photos ©2011, Jen Payne. All in a day’s walk: fern, flower, feather, fungi, frog.

12 thoughts on “*brought to you by the letter F

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  1. Ah, loved this. I’m reminded of a day when a stampede of frogs — I really mean that, at least fifty of them — thundered down a hill past me. And yes, that trip planted the seed for a big change in my life.

    1. Thunderous,yes. Exciting, only in retrospect.

      I was sitting on the side of a hill along the Appalachian Trail at dusk, and I kept hearing little THUMP-THUMPs in the leaves. The noises got closer together and, eventually, quite loud. When I turned around, the forest floor around me was moving with frogs. They hopped right around me and continued on down the hill. I have always wondered where they were going – I got the impression that they had major frog business at the bottom of that hill.

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