*Flirting with Butterflies

Be a child again.
Flirt. Giggle.
Dip your cookies in your milk.
Take a nap.
Say you’re sorry if you hurt someone.
Chase a butterfly.
Be a child again.

— Max Lucado

• • •

Photos ©2011, Jen Payne: Limenitis arthemis astyanax, Red spotted purple, and Vanessa virginiensis, American Lady.

8 thoughts on “*Flirting with Butterflies

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  1. I loved your post. The butterflies are beautiful and the poem made me want to just leave all my worries behind and be happy…thank you!

  2. where did they come from? how did you get them to pose for you?

    red-spotted purple… butterfly, i guess… and american lady – very nice

    looks like your blog page got a bit of a redux, yes? looks nice – but i’m afraid to ask what happens if i click on “gravatar”


  3. Those are amazing! I’ve tried to get butterflies to pose, always with minus effect. You must be an expert at flirting!

    And I especially love the stony, gravel-y backgrounds, they complement the colors and textures perfectly.
    Several cheers —

    1. A friend of mine who recently returned from an Africa safari said her guides told her to “take a shot, fuss later.” It’s GREAT advice. The butterflies are rather elusive, though, so I sort of hide behind my camera and hope they don’t notice me snapping away and getting closer and closer. Then I whisper sweet nothings for good measure!

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