Ordinary Art

Blessed are they who
see beautiful things
in humble places
where other people
see nothing.

— Camille Pissarro

My bank is located in a 1970s-styled building in the corner of a shopping plaza parking lot. Mid-century modern, I believe they call it (maybe?): steel post-and-beam, open floor plan and lots of windows. The only facelifts since it was built involve changing out signage and awning colors for the bank-of-the-week—royal blue, navy blue, green, red.

They’ve cut down the trees around it to make way for new railroad bridge and traffic patterns, so it’s even less remarkable than it used to be.

The tall, mirrored windows flank tan brick walls that wrap around the building. Birds nest in the recessed lighting, and day lilies the color of orangesicles grow up through the landscaping stone.

It’s all rather ordinary. Mostly.

Until someone finds the beauty and makes art…

4 thoughts on “Ordinary Art

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  1. good spotting, jen! someone decided to put those little stones on each section of brick-end along that mirrored window with such diligence – then, ta da, ya got art – it’s the little things that stand out, sometimes!

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