Life’s a Little Weird & I Love It

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird,
and when we find someone whose weirdness
is compatible with ours,
we join up with them and
fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

— Dr. Seuss

Then it’s official. I am in love with photographer Michael Garlington! I stumbled on this photo, titled Le Girl from Ohio, during a Google search. Then discovered Garlington’s website filled with photos from his book Portraits from The Belly of The Whale. He’s been described as “David Lynch meets Leave it to Beaver,” a bizarre juxtaposition that gives me goosebumps—like his photos. Please go look now:!

• • •

Photo ©2011, Michael Garlington. Click here to buy his book Portraits from The Belly of The Whale.

12 thoughts on “Life’s a Little Weird & I Love It

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  1. you were googling what, girls from ohio, and found this? and the photographer is from what time period? and you’re in love with him, based on this photo? do you think he made her stop sweeping the floor (i see a broom back there), asked her to disrobe, put on the mask and strike a gymnastic pose? or perhaps she was sweeping in the nude… and now you’re in love with him? or perhaps just with the idea of him? hmmmmmmmm… interesting!


    now i am intrigued and i see i will have to do some googling myself…

    1. Now, you already knew I was weird…you have to ask these questions?

      I believe my Google search was “self portrait by Mount Holyoke College graduate” – for a client’s project.

  2. Weird? Yes.
    Doesn’t mesh with my weirdness.
    But evidently does with yours, and I do know how neat that feels, yes, like love, so congrats.
    You’ll be happy together! (especially cause you don’t need him to be happy also; just to be)

    1. It IS weird. For me, my reaction was more like “Now that’s weird…huh…wow!” But fun to find something that catches us that way!

      What a day this has been
      What a rare mood I’m in
      Why, it’s almost like being in love

      There’s a smile on my face
      For the whole human race
      Why, it’s almost like being in love

      – Alan Jay Lerner

  3. i just had to leave a second comment – just want to say that it’s ok to love this photo and everyone involved in it – i am the last person to have the right to cast any aspersions on an emotional response to such an evocative image – it’s weird and wild and wacky and fun – and who doesn’t love to have a little fun? i love this photo, too, and therefore, by default, i must also love mr garlington! (hee hee)

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