Got Mail?

Next week is National Postcard Week, from May 1 – May 7. This 100-year-old celebration of all things postcard began with a promotional card printed by a Florida company in 1911. The tradition spread slowly, with minor events in California, Texas, and Kansas over the years. It wasn’t until 1984 that the International Federation of Postcard Dealers claimed the official “National Postcard Week” in May.

It’s no Hallmark event, for sure. But postcard and mail art enthusiasts alike welcome this opportunity to elevate their collections and creations to celebration levels. And I’m about to play along!

Mail art is a creative medium that has intrigued me for years. According to Wikipedia, it is a “worldwide cultural movement that began in the early 1960s and involves sending visual art through the international postal system.”

Curious? Do a Google search for images related to mail art and take a look!

Got mail? You will, if you email right now!
The first seven people who email me with their name and mailing address will receive a handmade, mail art postcard sometime next week.

The rest of you will have to enjoy them vicariously here online—I’ll start posting them on Sunday!

• • •

Some Interesting Links:

• Wikipedia on Mail Art

A Brief History of Postal Art

Traveling Postcards

Mail Art Postcard Exhibition

The Electronic Museum of Mail Art

• • •

Photo from the Smithsonian Photography Initiative. This is a Promotional Post Office Department photograph showing opera star Merle Alcock, who is using a new style street collection mailbox, built by the Van Dorn Iron Works of Cleveland, Ohio, 1920s.

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