At the end of the day, asparagus.

Asparagus Sky

John Denver used to sing: “some days are diamonds, some days are stones.”

Surely we all know what he meant.

Some days? Ah! They just move along seamlessly. Morning to night, hour to hour, moment to moment.

And other days tick along about as slowly as the second hand on a clock.




Some days you’re breathing and grateful and smiling. Moving through the hours like Michelle Kwan gliding across ice. Effortlessly.

And other days, you’re just gritting your teeth and trying not to growl out loud.

At the end of those kind of days, I like to leave myself a little present. A treat that waits with me for the end of the day. “You made it! Huzzah!”

Some days it’s just the book I’m reading propped up on the couch. Or a chocolate bar sitting in the kitchen (with caramel, there always has to be caramel).

Other days, it’s the latest Netflix arrival that keeps me guessing all day: what is in that little red envelope?

Some days, it’s the promise of a visit with a friend. Or a long walk in the woods. (Or a nap!)

Today, it’s asparagus.

Beautiful green asparagus. Roasted—olive oil, salt and pepper. Some French bread, a little brie cheese. A glass of wine. Et voila!

The end of the day.

• • •

Photo montage ©2011 by Jen Payne.

10 thoughts on “At the end of the day, asparagus.

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  1. But why roast it? Just gently cooked, lying back in its hot tub, and then some sweet butter, and a little salt — and you can eat it with your fingers like the Europeans do — enough butter to drip a little — I just had dinner and I’m hungry all over again!

  2. My present ?????? Today, last week, last month? YOUR tempting, satisfying scrumdilylicious art, words and thoughts! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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