Welcome Spring!

Botticelli's Flora


Flora, thou beautiful lady of flowers,
hear my prayer and fill me with your grace.
Through you, the seeds of love grow and blossom,
like the colorful blooms that appear
where you walk.
I honor thee, gracious nurturer,
bringer of passion.
Inspire me with your life-giving radiance.
Give my love deep roots that it may endure
through all the seasons of passion,
ever to burst forth anew like the fresh shoots
rising with the quickening sap of spring;
teach me to appreciate beauty
wherever I may see it:
and to embody your gentle grace in
my love and life.

• • •

From The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology:

Flora, “flourishing one,” was the Roman goddess of flowers, gardens, and spring. She is the embodiment of all nature; her name has come to represent all plant life. She is especially a goddess of Powers, including the flower of youth. Her festival of unrestrained pleasure, the Floralia, was celebrated at the end of April and beginning of May, this festival was probably the origin of the maypole dance and the gathering of bouquets of flowers, symbolizing the bringing of spring and new life into the world. She gives charm to youth, aroma to wine, sweetness to honey, and fragrance to blossoms. Flora teaches us to honor growing things, both inside and outside us. She is a reminder to pay attention to pleasure, to the beauty of spring, and to new life, wherever it is found.

• • •

Image: Flora, Sandro Botticelli

A Prayer to Flora, source unknown.

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