Planting Seeds & Writing Words: An Anniversary

One Year

Every year, we plant seeds we hope will take root and grow. We set them into earth we think to be fertile, cover them with our dreams and expectations, and wait patiently for those first signs of fruition.

In the garden, we know the signs—this time of year especially, when the familiar shoots of crocus and daffodil crowd bare patches of earth in preparation for the parade of spring soon to come.

But, how do we recognize accomplishment in our day-to-day? Sometimes, it is not as brilliant or breathtaking as the spring garden. Sometimes, achievement comes quietly.

Today, for example, marks the one-year anniversary of Random Acts of Writing [+art]. In the twelve months since the first post—Gotta!—there have been 152 posts and 11,848 visitors to this blog.

On December 1, we were “freshly pressed” by WordPress, featured as one of 10 sites to represent “the best of 337,632 bloggers,” and welcomed more than 2,000 visitors that one day!

But this isn’t about braggart’s numbers. This is about YOU. This is about you and those seeds that were planted a year ago. Because if it is wasn’t for YOU, those tiny seeds of hope and ideas would be nothing more than words scattered across a computer screen.

You come. You read. You think. You get inspired.

You respond. You act. You comment. You email words of encouragement.

You share this journey with me—and I am most grateful for your company.

Thank you for being out there, so I can be here, planting seeds and writing words.

With love & gratitude,


• • •

• To see where we’ve been in the past year, visit our Archives page.

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Photo ©2011, Jen Payne

2 thoughts on “Planting Seeds & Writing Words: An Anniversary

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  1. Nice blog you have here Jen. I got here while searching for blogs related to seeds and words and being a pretty fresh blogger myself, I’d say you’ve achieved a lot so far. I’m reading your other posts now and getting a lot of inspiration. Good job Jen. Highly appreciated.

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