About the Intending


Several years ago, I had the pleasure of working with my friend and feng shui consultant, Sharon McNamara. Together, we worked on setting intentions—not only for the rooms in my home, but for the rooms in my life.

Sharon introduced me to the “bagua,” a chart that relates to nine distinct areas of your life and your living space:

Wealth & Prosperity
Fame & Reputation
Love & Relationships
Family, Health & Well-Being
Children & Creativity
Knowledge and Wisdom
Travel & Helpful Friends

Based on ancient Chinese philosophies about the environment and energy paths, the art of feng shui uses these bagua to promote well-being.

My initial work with Sharon resulted in amazing transformations in my living space, but even more profoundly, in my living. Inspired by that experience, I take time at the beginning of each year to reflect on my intentions again.

This year, I decided to incorporate those intentions into a new art journal called “Magic & Meditations.” It is designed to help me focus on my goals in creative and visual ways, and to make note of the magical confluences that often go unnoticed or unappreciated.

The piece above, simply called Intentions, is a mixed-media collage piece that illustrates the nine bagua and my goals for the year ahead.

• • •

Intentions, ©2011 Jen Payne.

• For more information about Sharon’s work, or to schedule an appointment, please visit her website.

• For more on my work with Sharon, please read “How the Universe Moved My Sofa and Changed My Life.”

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