*What Silent Words a Stone Speaks

Stone Thoughts

by Robert Pack

I speak cold silent words a stone might speak

If it had words or consciousness,

Watching December moonlight on the mountain peak,

Relieved of mortal hungers, the whole mess

Of needs, desires, ambitions, wishes, hopes.

This stillness in me knows the sky’s abyss,

Reflected by blank snow along bare slopes,

If it had words or consciousness,

Would echo what a thinking stone might say

To praise oblivion words can’t possess

As inorganic muteness goes its way.

There’s no serenity without the thought serene,

Owl-flight without spread wings, honed eyes, hooked beak,

Absence without the meaning absence means.

To rescue bleakness from the bleak,

I speak cold silent words a stone might speak.

• • •

Poem by Robert Pack, who teaches in the Honors College at the University of Montana. His recent work includes a cycle of sonnetelles, Rounding It Out (1999), and a critical study of Robert Frost, Belief and Uncertainty in the Poetry of Robert Frost (2003). His most recent collection of poetry is Still Here, Still Now (2008), and another, Laughter Before Sleep, is forthcoming from the University of Chicago Press in fall 2011.

Photo ©2011, by Jen Payne

One thought on “*What Silent Words a Stone Speaks

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  1. where do you find these little gems? i love the poem and the image is a perfect match – great way to start my sunday morning!

    thanks – TJBG

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