At the Right Time

Celebrate Life

“I don’t really believe in coincidences. Things happen for a reason,” a friend emailed this week. “What that reason is I am not sure. But I have faith. For example…our friendship. You and I have not met by chance. It was set up deliberately. All of the stars aligned and here we are emailing and talking about BIG things.”

We were talking about BIG things: God and faith things.

“Breathe,” she writes. “It will all be OK.”

“Have faith,” she is trying to tell me. I know.

But it’s the “faith” part I’ve been struggling with lately.

You know that feeling, I am sure. When everything is good and smooth and easy, it is likewise easy to have faith. But when things get a little bumpy—faith is harder to keep steady, harder to hold onto.

I was thinking on all of this the other day as I was driving through town—coincidence, friendship, faith—when I saw a rainbow in the sky.

It was a giant, circle rainbow that went full around the late afternoon sun. As I followed it with my eyes, I saw a hawk perched on a tree nearby. Just that second, the hawk flew across the road, up and over a billboard, and into the woods.

I watched it soar off, then my eyes came to rest back on the billboard. And there it was, in giant, can’t-miss letters…


Hawk “is the messenger bird,” writes Ted Andrews in Animal-Speak. “Whenever it shows up, pay attention. There is a message coming.”

“I don’t really believe in coincidences. Things happen for a reason,” a friend emailed this week.…

A message coming indeed.

• • •

My To Do List today including heading back across town to get a picture of the billboard. It read: Bank, Post Office, cat food, paper towels, Celebrate Life.

• • •

Click here to purchase a copy of Ted Andrews’ book Animal-Speak.

4 thoughts on “At the Right Time

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  1. I agree with your friend. Things happen for a reason. When I look back to occurrences that I felt destroyed my faith, I can now see how they formed me in ways I never imagined possible. Hawk and his message…. (Carl Jung called it Synchronicity) sure get around!

    1. Synchronicity – don’t you love it? And I totally agree, the wrestling with faith is usually what brings us/forces us/moves us to the next level.

  2. powerful stuff, this one – there’s a larger-than-life dude in white smiling benevolently and telling you to celebrate life – some might be a little wary, but the message was there and you noticed it (you saw the “signs” so to speak) so i’d say you were off to a good start – now, it’s just a matter of applying said message to our daily mundacity – (“I’ll have a jelly stick and some hot chocolate, please” – “Medium?” “OK”)
    “i just want to celebrate (celebrate) – yumminess”

    1. So what I should have said is “No, LARGE!” Is that what you’re saying?

      I totally missed the giant benevolent dude in white part – great catch. Talk about seeing signs!!

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