When Magic Has Its Say

Owl Magic

Clearing my head this day is like clearing a thicket of brambles and branches.

My thoughts have attached themselves to me like burrs, and it is too cold to stop and try to pull them off. So we walk along the frozen path together.

It is quiet in the woods now.

Except for the still-suspended leaves that rattle from branches.
Except for the shuffle of birds and squirrels, like last-minute shoppers.
Except for the chatter in my head.

I drown out the distraction with words. Words upon words that will become the paragraphs of

a new blog post,
a new poem,
a new something written with thoughts



and fate

and the random nature of nature

and chaos

and order

and control


Watch! Watch!

The blue jays are screeching.
Loud and shrill calls echo
in the trees
along the path.

Watch! Watch!

So alarming in tone
even I stop to look.
Is it a cat?
A fox?

And then I see it. Way up high in the crook of a pine tree—a Barred Owl.

There I am, tangled up with thoughts about chaos versus order

…and in swoops magic!

• • •

“The owl is the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom,” writes Ted Andrews in Animal-Speak. “No bird has as much myth and mystery surrounding it than the owl,” he explains. Throughout history, the owl has been associated with the feminine, the moon, the night, fertility, seduction, higher wisdom, protection, clairvoyance. It is believed to have healing powers, and is able to extract secrets from the darkness of the human spirit.

• • •

“In cultures worldwide, the owl is a symbol of wisdom, power, intuition, mystery, protection, messages and change. Birds, in general, are often thought of as mediators between the material and spiritual worlds and owls in particular are seen in this light. Owl energy has a peaceful and protective vibration and as “rulers of the night” they teach us to acknowledge our shadow selves. The owl invites you to peer into the dark as they can and they give you courage to accept and come to love all that you find there.”

Waking Planet

• • •

Owl Magic

If you look very closely, in the right side of the photo, you can see the Barred Owl. This is an enlarged/cropped version of the photo at the top.

• • •

Copies of Ted Andrews’ Animal-Speak may be purchased here.

3 thoughts on “When Magic Has Its Say

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  1. Very timely! Just last night I lay in bed listening to the hoot of what I believe was a Great Horned Owl, and fell asleep comforted by his unseen presence! Hadn’t heard him for a while and was glad he had returned.


  2. ahhhhhh – what a handsome owl – he/she is so serene and watchful – it is a wonderful image – how excellent that you were able to capture its bemused stare! thanks jen!

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