Wise Women Wise

Wise Women

A gathering of women is like this.

There are six of us. We have met once a month for more than a year. Our backgrounds are as varied and diverse as the platters delivered by the waitress tonight—Greek Salad, broiled fish, grilled panini, egg salad, rice pudding.

Each month we come together and share the stories of who we are and where we have been since we last met.

She is learning new things.
She is in love.
She is focused on her family.
She finds good strength in her work.
She finds joy in creating.
She is in crisis.

A gathering of women is like this.

Together, we have shouldered the joys and worries of family, transition, finances, creativity, illness, and love.

Together, we have encouraged, supported, nurtured, cried, cheered, and laughed.

Together we have made plans, announced good news, revealed fears, and shared our wisdom.

In a sense, we are strangers. Chance meetings and conversations, phone calls and emails dot the days between our monthly meetings. And yet, we know each other. There are unseen and unspoken bonds—long, beautiful ribbons of trust and love and care—that connect us.

A gathering of women is like this.

• • •

When women get together, they tell stories. This is how it has always been. Telling stories is our way of saying who we are, where we have come from, what we know, and where we might be headed.

– Jalaja Bonheim

• • •

Painting from The Book of Tea, by Alain Stella.

4 thoughts on “Wise Women Wise

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  1. Bless your exquisitely poetic, sensitive artist’s heart! You beautifully frame the experiences in a woman’s life!

  2. ah, yes – females have been gathering & comforting each other and those they care about for millennia, isn’t that right? and so it continues and so it goes, on and on until The Fifth of Never…

    nice painting!

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