Look to the Moon

Moon + Saturn

“Look at the moon,” my neighbor Pamela emailed at 6:30 this morning.

No doubt she was in her kitchen, two houses away, looking up at the moon I could see from my screen porch. It was high in the morning sky, just above the tree line and pond out back. To its left, Saturn sparkled in the pale banners of lavender and pink noting the start of a new day.

What fun to imagine that she was over there, beginning her morning routines of movement and calligraphy, while I was over here with my coffee and list of things to do.

What fun to imagine that Pamela and more than 900 other people have shared this morning with me…

Nine hundred today, and almost 2,000 yesterday—thanks to being featured on the WordPress Freshly Pressed page.

Yes! Random Acts of Writing [+art] was one of 10 sites featured to represent “the best of 337,632 bloggers, 478,036 new posts…and 94,221,436 words” for Wednesday, December 1.

Folks have visited from as far away as the United Kingdom, Haiti, Singapore and Australia, with comments about the photos, about fear, and about writing. Each seemed to find their own meaning in the words and images, in the message and experience of the post Something More Important than Fear.

While it is often easy for me to malign the onslaught of technology in our lives, it is refreshing to be able to celebrate its blessings as well.

Imagine—here I sit in this small house, in this small town, in this small state, and I write some words. I type them on a screen and say “look to the moon,” and there’s a chance that a few thousand people just might!

So, here’s a giant thank you to the editors of WordPress for including me; to the few thousand folks who took the time to stop in and visit (and comment); and to those of you who follow along every week. It is a pleasure to share this technology, this day, and this journey with all of you!

• • •

Please check out the wonderful calligraphy creations by my neighbor and dear friend Pamela LaRegina, click here.

Photo ©2010, by Jen Payne

3 thoughts on “Look to the Moon

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  1. Looking at the moon and starring it is a beautiful experience. It some times brings peace and happiness to our hearts. It also raises the question that how technology and nature together has brought us together. It is a wonderful experience and that we remain as admirers in this true world being as small players and true lovers of nature. One thing which the moon reminds us of is that everyday it rises and goes down which only tells that it is the only light that comes and glows in the dark providing us all with light. The same way if there is a darkness in life it has to be brought up to the light in order to shine better.

  2. well, as you know, i just love the moon – i care about the sun, too, but i rarely get to look right at it, the moon is so much kinder on the eyes – the moon allows me to see the sun’s reflection on its cold gray surface, so i get two for the price of one! the sun lights up the moon for us to see – and it puts on a little show when it changes for us, from fingernail to crescent to full – i love the photo of your moon, through the leafless trees as morning creeps in – the snowflakes are a nice effect, too – thanks, jen!!

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