*From where the stories come…

Story Comes

“This is what happens. You put it away for a little while, and now and again you look in the closet for something else and you remember, and you think…. Then it becomes something that is just there, in the closet, and other things get crowded in front of it and on top of it and finally you don’t think about it at all. The thing that was your bright treasure. You don’t think about it….This is what happens.”

Alice Munro, Runaway: Stories

• • •

Photo ©2010, Jen Payne, at the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center, Fort Davis, Tx.

One thought on “*From where the stories come…

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  1. aww – i love that chihuahuan desert nature center!!! my kind of place – and my entire house is like that, i put it away and it becomes something that’s just there… all over the dang place!

    nice one, jen

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