It’s all about the gratitude.

apple pie

Eight months ago, after taking a goal-mapping workshop with a friend of mine, I started keeping a Gratitude Journal. Every night before I go to sleep, I write down three things for which I am grateful that day.

There are some repeats, of course: a friend’s name, my cats, pizza, Friday. But, for the most part, every entry reveals a new trio of blessings.

1. reconnecting with an old friend
2. apple pie
3. taking a random day off

Those, from yesterday.

Some days, the three come easy:

1. traveling
2. Austin
3. breakfast tacos

And some, they do not:

1. technical support
2. cash advance
3. FexEx

But even still, in that little, bedside journal, there are 246 days worth of things for which I am grateful. That’s 738 blessings. Can you imagine?


Think about your own blessings…

your family, your friends, your angels

your favorite treasure, book, food, memory

your skills, your faith, your imagination

your breath, your heartbeat, your dreams

I cannot begin to explain the ripple effect of keeping a Gratitude Journal, except to say that even on the worst of worst days, I am heartened by the constant knowing that I am truly…blessed.

I wish you that same knowing this Thanksgiving, and encourage you to practice the exercise of gratitude. You will be most thankful for the effort.

Happy Thanksgiving, with love…Jen

12 thoughts on “It’s all about the gratitude.

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  1. sheesh – how do you do it??? i “heart” this blog!

    okay – i’m grateful for that great entry, this wonderful idea and your words!!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. And you, your gorgeous photos, and that you take the time to check in here and say hello are on mine! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. jen
    truly amazing essay. i really loved it. in all ways – your the best. i am also blessed in so many ways and want to start my own gratitude journal. this journal is a very cool idea you told me about. awhile ago. thank you for writing and sharing.

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