The Harmony of Wandering

French poet Anatole France once noted, “Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.”

For close to 20 years, my friend DeLinda and I have wandered together: on weekend drives along the Connecticut shore, on the grand thruways of Texas, and meandering highways across France.

For sure there is a harmony to our wandering. We quickly settle in to the well-known rhythm of our friendship. Old conversations blend into new. Familiar characters and stories take shape against the changing scenery outside. A comfortable laughter fills the air, with nods of recognition and memory. It is as if no time has passed between our visits.

How easily we set out on the unknown path ahead of us, happily welcoming what the Universe chooses to present for our next adventure.

[Photos of West Texas wanderings include I-10, Highway 90, and back roads across the Alpine, Marfa, Fort Davis, Valentine area.]

• • •

©2010, photos by Jen Payne

Music: “Texas Reel” by Woody Mann, from the album Road Trip. You can purchase the CD here.

6 thoughts on “The Harmony of Wandering

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  1. Thanks for the wandering in West Texas, Jen! I don’t know what appeals to me about the view, but I especially like the fence post scene with the few strands of barb wire. Like your choice of music, too. Perfect!

  2. mmmmm – almost better than food, seeing those plains and distant mountains and everything in-between (well, food still wins, but it must taste better in texas!) i loved the shot of the horses and also the cairn cross and one shot of just “over there” (the colors, starting with the ground, moving up to the treeline then mountains and finally up to the clouds in the sky – if i ever started my own country, those would be the colors of our flag – brown, green, grey, white and blue) how lucky is the sweet delinda to have a good friend with an artistic eye sitting in the passenger seat with a camera in her hand and a laugh in her heart! great music – i must have more of it – thanks, jen ~ teej

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