Monday in Marfa

Q Cafe and Wine Bar

It’s Monday in Marfa,
and the only two places open
are the Hotel Paisano—
where Rock Hudson
and Elizabeth Taylor
ate while filming Giant
55 years ago—
and the Q Café and
Wine Bar.

We choose the Q ,
and sip on
chilled glasses of wine,
as we slide back into
turquoise folding chairs
for our meal.

“People are hungry,”
says the owner, Pat,
while her husband Thomas makes
pot rot roast sandwiches
in the kitchen.

“They come out here,
and the air is so fresh.
They just get hungry.”

“Aren’t people hungry
in general?” I wonder.

Tired and hungry
for a place like this:

where the air is so fresh,

the blue sky goes on forever,

a million stars show up at night,

and there’s nothing better
to do on a Monday than sip glasses
of wine on folding chairs
and eat homemade pot roast.

Monday in Marfa

• • •

Photos ©2010, Jen Payne

2 thoughts on “Monday in Marfa

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  1. well, based on your menu choices so far (chorizo sausage, BBQ pork and pot roast) if i go to marfa it’s dessert in the desert for me – i’ve heard rattlesnake tastes like chicken… seriously, it all sounds F.A.B.!


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