The Trouble with Texas: Part I

Food Shark, Marfa, TX
Food Shark Dining Car, Marfa, TX

The trouble with Texas is this: the food is too good.

This is a problem because when I return home to Connecticut, I don’t know what to eat.

I know, I know. Local foodies will be quick to remind me of the seafood, New Haven pizza, and our ubiquitous Italian fare. I’m told, actually, that you can’t get good Italian food in Texas.

What you can get in Texas is a cornucopia of foods influenced by the Texas cattle industry, Mexican immigrants, and the plethora of amazing local produce available all year long.

My first realization of this was during a visit to Austin back in 2001. I spent more time roaming the aisles of the grocery store than I did anywhere else! I had never seen so much food, so many choices, and so many colors—overflowing and wonderfully fresh!

Truth be told, it was those very first visits to Austin that ignited my interest in good food, got me thinking more and more about local and fresh, and inspired me to return as often as I can for new tastes and experiences.

This recent trip did not disappoint! Stay tuned…

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Photos ©2004, 2010, Jen Payne

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