*Leaving Wrinkles


“Our lives are at once ordinary and mythical. We live and die, age beautifully or full of wrinkles. We wake in the morning, buy yellow cheese, and hope we have enough money to pay for it. At the same instant we have these magnificent hearts that pump through all sorrow and all winters we are alive on this earth. We are important and our lives are important, magnificent, really, and their details are worthy to be recorded.”

— Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones

• • •

©2010, Photo by Jen Payne

Writing Down the Bones can be purchased here.

3 thoughts on “*Leaving Wrinkles

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  1. i was just thinking the same thing this week… well, except i didn’t write it “down the bones” like she did

    just thinking about how hard humans have had to work just to survive and how “easy” some of us have it now and will it last and how we shouldn’t take it all for granted and how we should take care of what we have because it’s all we’ve got – but it all boils down to our lives being both ordinary and mythical… yeah.

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