Wander, Dabble, Putter


“I never wanted butterflies pinned to a board; I’m looking for a poetic ecology, to observe myself in different worlds…no other chronology than that of the heart, no other schedule than that of unplanned encounters, the true ones.”

– Julio Cortázar, Save Twilight

– – – – –

Recently, in her blog Something She Wrote, writer Janna Qualman pondered:

“I’m curious. When you come to [this blog], what is it you expect? From me, from this place? I’ve been struggling of late, with content and topics and whatever my voice has become or should be through this vehicle….Do you like anecdotes? The fiction? Random questions, pictures of steak?”

I think this is a place you find yourself whenever you put yourself—and your heart—out for public view. As artists, writers, musicians, performers…“Am I doing OK? Do you like me?” You want to ask but won’t, because what if you aren’t and what if they don’t?

It’s a leap of faith; a leap of trust, really. To bare a thought, love, idea, creation…and let it roam out there for everyone to see. And this blogging? This immediate expression, exposure, explosion of WHO YOU ARE out into the universe? It’s incredible and terrifying, exciting and inspiring!

As I move ahead with this blog, its recent incarnation now seven months old, I find that the “what to write” and “what to do” is ever-changing; it meanders with my mood, my interests, my distractions.

And, like Janna, it is easy to wonder—what DO you expect? what DO you like? what DOES this become next?

When I first came up with the title Random Acts of Writing, this blog was purely about my writing efforts: poetry, short stories. I added the [+ art] when art became an additional creative vehicle for me. But do I keep adding parentheticals? Photography, essay, quotes, other people’s writing, plain old thinking-out-loud?

There are plenty of focused blogs out there—only about food, only about books, only about Chihuahuas.

But I’m not really a focused person.
I wander and dabble and putter.

And whatever this becomes as a result…I hope you enjoy the detours, the segues, the…random acts!

– – – – –

Here is more of Julio Cortázar’s delicious essay about putting various creative pieces together in one place:

from Save Twilight

– – – – –

Digital altered photo by Jen Payne.

Save Twilight, by Julio Cortázar, can be purchased here.

– – – – –

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