*Cat with Zucchini

Cat and Zucchini

The voluptuous Emily with bodacious late-summer squash.

• • •

Photo by Jen Payne.

*Copies of The Old Age of El Magnifico by Doris Lessing can be purchased here.

8 thoughts on “*Cat with Zucchini

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  1. awwww – emily!!

    she looks like she doesn’t trust that zucchini one bit!

    by the way, that squash looks like it’s destined for some sort of giant casserole – enjoy!

    1. This was her 25th “take.” By this point, she was getting pretty sick of me – so I think the look is more of “get that thing away from me” than anything else!

  2. Love the photograph! It has inspired me to get Doris Lessing’s ‘the old age of el magnifico’ on loan from the library again.

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