This just in.

Rhode Island Beach

Emailing a friend this morning,
exchanging thoughts

on writing

being published

being an artist

death, bad poetry

and confidence.

Big steps.
Baby steps.
Steps in…oops.

“I don’t know what the next step is,” I confess.

“Next steps seem to take care of themselves better
if nobody watches them too closely,” he reassures me.

He always does,
this one.

What a blessing to have
the kindred spirits
who whisper…

Keep steppin’.
Keep the faith.
Keep on truckin’.

“Hello Universe,
it’s me Jen.
Please show me
where you want me to go
and what you want me to do next.”

“You’ve Got Mail,”
my computer responds.

“Take 40% Off Your Next
Unrealistic Expectation,”
the email reads,
“and notice how you
actually stop procrastinating.*”

• • •

©2010, photo by Jen Payne

*40% OFF quote from creativity coach Jill Badonsky.

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