Unabashedly Dreaming of Winter


For better or for worse, it has been a long, hot summer!

For worse, this summer’s heat waves (plural) have made me delinquent in my daily walks and lethargic about my writing.

I lose patience quickly…with loved ones, with strangers, with words that do not come easily to the page.

I lose enthusiasm…for the garden now full of weeds, the trails now full of bugs, and the stale pieces of projects that sit in the hot and breeze-less studio.

For better, the summer’s heat has made photography a natural substitute for regular blog posts. My inner critic insists I am taking the easy way out, but I ignore her. I love being back in touch with my camera.

I love…the pace the temperatures demand. I could not sit dockside, seaside, parkside if the weather were not commanding “stop, sit, relax” so loudly.

I love…the randomness of the too-hot days that allow me to flit from here to there — from the half-read book to the new collage, from the screen-porch nap to the wild, solitary dance of a new CD — without apology.

But I am unabashedly dreaming of winter. And will be, I think, until that first snow-filled day when I cannot go for my walk and the studio is too cold for writing and the pendulum of discontent swings to the other side.

Happy remaining days of summer to you — enjoy the moments!

• • •

Photo by Jen Payne, Winter 2010

4 thoughts on “Unabashedly Dreaming of Winter

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  1. Love the photograph and the added links are a great idea. I like the photography, so don’t think you are taking the easy way out. They are beautiful pictures. But really, don’t want to think about winter, not yet anyways.

  2. That’s why they call them the “dog days”. I just picture my old Cubby her tongue hanging out and throwing her body down under a shade tree like she was a lump of clay, taking a big sigh, closing her eyes, and no matter how many times I threw that ball, she just rolled her eyes at me.

    1. My two cat are doing the same! Of course, truth be told, they’ve never been much for thrown balls anyhow.

      P.S. just by happenstance, the “new CD” link goes to a fun new song called…”Dog Days Are Over”!

  3. i think the related links are an automatic thing generated by word press, no? i don’t ever look at them, only yours…

    i also think the “dog days” reference has something to do with the Dog Star, Sirius, but i’m not sure what it is… something about where it is in the sky and what it’s doing during this time of year…

    nice photo – however, i must admit i loathe winter, especially up here in the northeast, but not so much that i don’t appreciate a cool breeze during these dog days of summer!! thanks for mentioning that pendulum – i think we’re all a little guilty of grumbling “it’s too hot” then “it’s too cold” or “we need rain” followed by “will it ever stop raining?”

    and as for the cats – the fur shedding and consequential hairballs every morning is becoming quite tiresome, for them and for me! huzzah!

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