Eat, Pray, Love

I confess, I was not completely in love with the premise of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love—rich, has-everything woman falls apart and runs away to exotic locations for a year. But I’ll own it; it was my own stuff that got in my way at first. I had no empathy for this kindred woman—just envy. I wanted to run away, too, and I wanted the resources to do it!

But I’m on page 158 now, and the book is a mess. No, not the story, the book itself. I have marked up sentences, noted paragraphs and dog-eared pages for future reference. I underlined an entire section to share with a women’s group I lead, and there are complete pages I am tempted to rip out of the book to send to friends.

I haven’t been this curious about or provoked by a book since reading “The Great Self-help Book that Changed My Life” back in 1990!

Gilbert gently includes little pieces of wisdom and humor throughout Eat, Pray, Love. There are rich bits of facts fitted between lovely observations and honest insight. I find myself laughing out loud with her, nodding my head in agreement, and weeping with complete understanding: I have been there, I know that.

L’ho provato sulla mia pelle.

• • •

Copies of Eat, Pray, Love may be purchased here.

3 thoughts on “Dog-eared

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  1. yeah – kinda the way i felt about Under The Tuscan Sun

    and, as you said, the movie sounds like it will be just as good – i mean, who doesn’t love julia roberts????

  2. A great book! I read my daughter-in-laws copy when I was in the February.
    A little bit of serendipity today as I saw the book on the shelf of one of Galway’s bookstores.

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