Yesterday was “one of those days”—lots of toxic people showering all sorts of negative energy.

Toxic. It comes from the Greek word toxikon, meaning poison for arrows; also derived from toxikos, meaning of a bow, and from toxon, Old Persian for “an arrow.”

I’ll bet, if you listened closely, you could hear the THWP! of those toxic arrows all day.

I’ll spare you the details – no need to THWP! anything at you today. But I will share this…

Sitting on the windowsill in my kitchen is this lovely, magical peony. Some seven inches wide, and the softest pink you can imagine, she smells heavenly! So after each THWP! yesterday, I wandered out to the kitchen and inhaled very deeply.

“Breathe,” I reminded myself. “Breathe.”

Peony. Named after Paeon, a healer in Greek mythology; also derived from paean or “the healing.”

• • •

Photo by Jen Payne.

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