When you defile the pleasant streams
And the wild bird’s abiding place,
You massacre a million dreams
And cast your spittle in God’s face.

– John Drinkwater

• • •

Yesterday, I was walking along the shore here in Branford. The sky was blue, the sun was warm on my face. A salty breeze blew in from the south, and the marsh was brimming with high tide. Two white herons glided above, gulls called out, ospreys tended their nest, and a cormorant played marco-polo with itself.

But for all of the beauty and blessings, I couldn’t help but feel sad. Fourteen hundred miles south, on this same day, millions of gallons of oil are pouring into this same water, onto this same coast…and I am heartsick.

• • •

From The Nature Conservancy:
The Gulf: 3 Ways You Can Help

Here are three things you can do today to help the Gulf coast, its wildlife and the people who depend on it:

Make a donation to help our restoration efforts in the Gulf – your contribution to our Fund for Gulf Coast Restoration will help us determine both the extent of the spill and the necessary long-term restoration work in the Gulf and states along its coast.

• Second, tell your friends about what’s at stake for the Gulf Coast. Share our work by posting it to Facebook or tweeting on Twitter. Get the word out that the plants, animals and people in one of North America’s most treasured places will need our help.

• Third, consider being a volunteer. The Conservancy is still assessing what volunteer opportunities will be needed and coordinating with groups like the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

For more information and updates, please visit The Nature Conservancy.

Photo courtesy of The Nature Conservancy.

• • •

3 thoughts on “Heartsick

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  1. bravo! also, many people are now donating hair & nylons (pantyhose) to a group that makes giant booms, or hair mats, that soak up oil spills – my brother told me diane sawyer mentioned hair donations during a recent broadcast – i looked it up and found a company called Matter of Trust – not sure if that’s who diane sawyer was talking about, tho, but that’s what they do, apparently – i need to research a bit more, tho

    interesting – so, is that oil-smudged seagull one of ours? did you take the picture or find it online? poor things – such a horrible thing with so many victims!!!!!!! we must do something!!!!!

  2. I have been anguished about this also.

    One does not need to have long hair to donate. It is my understanding that even short pieces of hair swept up from the barber shop or beauty salon floor can be used.

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