Into Character

Yesterday, I was a princess.

It didn’t take much. A crown with some fuchsia rhinestones and a purple, silk headband, both adorned with flowy, colorful ribbons.

The ribbons were a gift from my friend Tara, who, bedecked in similar flowy, colorful fashion, sauntered off with me for a day at the Robin Hood Springtime Festival and Renaissance Faire.

“G’Day M’Ladies,” folks called out to us.

“G’Day,” we responded back.

I was amazed at how easy it was to slip into character! The community of festival vendors and faire-goers set the stage for a whimsical afternoon filled with too many creative interactions to note.

When I was little, my days were all about those creative interactions. Playing make-believe and dress-up. Back then, my mom’s old silk slip was my princess gown. There was a dragon who lived under the playground slide, and a king who slept on a bed of green moss in the forest nearby.

Then suddenly, yesterday, I was there again. The dragon was selling ice cream, and the king paraded by with his court as we curtseyed. Robin Hood conversed with a belly dancer, and a Goth pirate drank ale with an elf — Huzzah!

• • •

The Robin Hood Springtime Festival and Renaissance Faire is in Guilford this month, May 9, 15, 16, 22, and 23. If you have a chance, please treat yourself!

©2010, Jennifer Payne

5 thoughts on “Into Character

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  1. what, no more pictures? oh, m’ lady, us show more pictures! what fun – let’s do it again! and you must take a picture of me and my gargoyle!

  2. One of my favourite Christmas presents as a child was a book about Robin Hood.
    My son was so surprised when I knew about the Renaissance Faire. My daughter -in-law and he brought my grandsons there last Sunday for a birthday treat and they loved it.

    1. It’s a great event! It’s on for one more weekend, and I’m tempted to go for a third visit! So glad your family enjoyed themselves!

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